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Pre-registration service


The Atlantic Institute provides free and expert advice to interested aviation applicants.

And it helps them choose the best option.



The transfer of the Institute will accompany the applicants upon their arrival in Turkey to transfer to their place of residence and thereafter to the Institute.



For overseas applicants in turkey it is intended by the Resettlement Institute

It will be possible for them to stay free of charge for any applicant at the time of consultation and registration.



After registration services

Transportation service

The Atlantic group is planning to accelerate commuting and accommodate students from the dormitory to the training building.

That students are allowed to use it if they wish.


SIM card

For students who are non-Turkish nationals who are new to Turkey, we will provide Turkish SIM card .


Student Id Card

After registering for each student we provide them photo shoot students card containing personal information is issued along with his / her educational background

And it is only possible to enter the educational institution and take part in classes by presenting this card.


 Hostel card

If students wish to use the dormitory after registration and placement,

The photo card contains personal information, such as a residence permit, issued to any person who is required to provide this card when traveling.


Holding educational counseling

During the courses, our advisers will be present and assisting with all their expertise if needed.

Follow-up on inclusive education

The educational status and progress of each student is monitored from the beginning by the Atlantic Institute and assessed for any weaknesses.