Student Accommodation

Student accommodation


Choosing a place of residence at any time can make a huge difference in how you live.

Choosing some places for short or long term stays can create memorable days and sweet experiences.

Finding the right accommodation for applicants.

In accordance with the standards, the Institute has provided residential units with furnished rooms for the well-being of students.


The cost of renting is the most important principle in choosing a place of residence because each month a significant portion of each person’s budget is spent.

For this purpose, the institute has provided units with a minimum price for students.

Internal space:

Generally the units have amenities and ample space proportional to their capacity and lack of sufficient natural light,

They have clean doors and walls, perfect curtains, and perfect heating and cooling equipment.


Features and facilities :

Features and facilities of the units include study lounges, green space, parking and high speed internet.

The modern atmosphere, the healthy environment and the excellent facilities of the units have provided the perfect conditions for rest and relaxation of the students.


Transportation access:

The location and distance dimension is taken into account in the selection of units and the closest location to the class location.

This is especially important in big cities, both financially and temporally.



The entire building is equipped with CCTV cameras and various spaces for greater security are controlled at all times,

24-hour security has also doubled the security of the building.


According to the plans, students will be housed in units by age and gender and social problems will have no way to enter the living space.

Our goal is to provide a healthy environment for students to grow.


The cleaning forces are intended to take care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the building’s public space, and this is addressed daily.



The host will have the right to use all facilities upon registration and reservation.

These residential units are single or multipurpose rooms available on request.

It should be noted that residents do not need to be involved in costs such as water, electricity, gas and the Internet.

In addition, it is not the occupants’ duty to deal with depreciated and damaged vehicles.

And no cost will be paid by residents to repair or replace old and broken equipment.