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Atlantic Aviation Group has begun to improve the status of its target community.
Education is at the core of sustainable development in successful countries around the world.
Also training appropriate skills aimed at updating working conditions,
Completing the training vacancy is essential for everyone.
As a result, currently one of the main goals of the Atlantic Aviation Group.

In addition to providing international job opportunities, students also experience training in a quality and competitive environment,

Atlantic Aviation Group also, provides the necessary facilities for living in Turkey, accommodations and residence permits for its students.


Top reasons that everybody should to know:

1 – Why become a Pilot

Top reasons to become a Pilot

2 – Why become a Cabin crew

Top reasons to become a cabin crew

3 – To choose flight school

Choosing the best flight school


Atlantic Aviation Courses

1 – ATPL(A) Integrated Training Course

Holding pilot training courses from PPL to ATPL /

2 – Cabin crew courses training /

3 – Dispatch courses /

4 – Aircraft maintenance technician courses /

5 – Language proficiency and level 4 test for pilots


Create Your Flight

The best services and flight


At the Atlantic Aviation Group,

students receive their training in accordance with international law and standards.

Our goal is to provide the best and most up-to-date aviation training according to European standards (EASA).

Utilizing advanced training facilities,

our trainers focus on developing skills, knowledge, attitudes and motivation.

Our strategy is to provide the best pilot training, cabin crew, dispatchers and technicians staff.

AAG also, is represents of the best and most prestigious aviation training centers that have been

approved by the Turkey Civil Aviation Authority.

Furthermore, with the most equipped educational tools, it holds the most complete courses.


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