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Hezarfen Airport is named after Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, a pioneer of Turkish aviation. Located at Çatalca in an area that measures 500,000 m2, it is nearby Büyükçekmece Lake and a 40km drive from Atatürk International Airport.

AYJET Anatolian Stars FTO conducts its flight training at Hezarfen Airport. Its facilities include: a private hangar, flight instructor offices, a briefing lounge, resting areas, and a restaurant. Hezarfen’s active asphalt runway numbered 05/23 has dimensions of 680×28 meters (2310×91 feet) with a parallel taxi way.

With its geographical location, technical equipment and experienced staff, Hezarfen Airport is a major contributor of the general aviation of Turkey. It earned its alias as “Hobby Land”, since major events and festivals take place at the airfield. These events range from RC tournaments, motor sports to music festivals

AYJET provides its students with transportation between Hezarfen Airport and AYJET Headquarters free of charge.

Aircraft Maintenance Activities

AYJET Anatolian Stars FTO’s fleet consists of the following models produced by DIAMOND Aircraft:

the DA 20-C1, and the DA 42-Twinstar.

Maintenance of the AYJET fleet is performed by TOP SERVIS, which is a SHY/JAR 145 approved maintenance organization. TOP SERVIS conducts daily inspections, pre-flight preparations, periodical maintenance, and all other safety requirements. In addition, the AYJET Technical Department coordinates aircraft maintenance activities in accordance with SHY/Part M of DGCA-TR.

The aircraft airworthiness certificates are renewed annually after thorough inspections performed by the DGCA-TR.

With carefully handled aircraft maintenance, AYJET’s aim is to enable safe and efficient flight training for student pilots and flight instructors.