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Educational System

Training Clasess

Appropriate educational space

Appropriate educational space including the size of the school and classrooms, learning time, quality of equipment and technology used for training, new teaching methods, creating a fun and entertaining learning environment, using innovative teaching methods and encouraging learners to use these methods. Providing amenities and providing appropriate training materials and resources are characteristics of the Atlantic Institute. The dynamic, flexible environment, appropriate environmental and educational conditions and the quality of both the service and the appearance of the institution are characteristics that These spaces create a positive learning experience for the students Of LTC.

Continuous evaluation system

The Atlantic Institute classrooms regularly evaluate educational systems, teaching methods, lecturers’ knowledge, as well as the status and level of learners in new ways to identify and develop areas that need strengthening and revision.
The Atlantis Institute has high expectations of students and teachers, which will enhance self-esteem, discover skills, and improve the personal and team skills of students and teachers in the classroom

Using a hybrid learning system

educational content of each course is available by online way fore students and they can access to educational content in any time or any place

Providing the appropriate schedule and training chart

Presentation of the program and the appropriate training chart

The educational chart is unique to teachers and students, which prevents pervasive confusion, and therefore, at any time, the educational path can know exactly how much of the training path is now and how much is left in the course

Provide educational content in a multimedia form

Multimedia content is a combination of text, image, animation, video, and audio files using in the classes of each course. Multimedia Presentation of Educational Content In addition to diversifying educational content and preventing monoton and bored in learners, it has provided a link to the type of content present in online education and online learning, which provides learning opportunities in Outside of class too.

Integrated education system

The educational content provided fully overlaps with the educational chart and the educational content is highly intelligent and purposeful, in line with the enhancement and development of students educational skills.

The Atlantic Aviation Institute has designed the Mock-up Hall for students to provide practical training in a realistic and simulated environment.

The library is fully equipped to provide students with the opportunity to study in a quiet environment.