Turkish Language Courses


Learning Turkish Language in Istanbul
The Turkish language has 8 vowels and 21 voiceless letters.
Today, 71 million people speak Turkish as their mother tongue, and about 17 million speak Turkish as a second language.

Turkish language is at C1-C2 -A1- A2- B1- B2 levels, with a secondary education sufficient to attend aviation courses.
With our experienced teachers whose native language is Turkish, we have designed the best educational programs for learners.

As a result, you will improve your conversation not only by listening to the teacher and learning the book, but especially by the conversations between the teacher and other students.
In addition, films prepared for Turkish-language Turkish classes and grammatical structures that you have previously learned show that they are used in many situations of everyday life.
It helps you to remember to use them correctly and to improve your listening, understanding and speaking skills.


Entry Requirements
1. Age of at least 17 years old
2- Having a passport with at least one year validity

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Written and verbal levels are first determined by the teachers

They then provide the most appropriate program relative to the level and purpose of the student

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