Senior Cabin crew member
The stewardess job, which is a critical part of the aviation industry, requires a qualified manager to oversee the performance of flight attendants. The manager is responsible for responding to all the needs and shortcomings of an airline.


Entry Requirements
1- Having a cabin crew certificate

2- Having one year of continuous flight in the last two years

3- Having at least 1000 hours of flight

4- Having a passport with at least one year of validity


1. Pre-Interview Schedule
In this stage, the information, records and documents of the English language are obtained by the institute

2. Interview Schedule
In fact, the purpose of the interview is to evaluate the volunteers by a committee member.
At this stage the candidate will be evaluated on the basis of their profession, goals, aviation knowledge, mathematical intelligence and science and basic personality traits
The results of the evaluation are discussed and concluded with the Department of Education. Based on the results and evaluations, feedback is provided.

Have a valid Certification from an approved medical center of civil aviation

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