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Pilot English Language Training

Recent researches has shown that accidents caused by lack of communication in the aviation sector have increased significantly. In order to eliminate this threat, ICAO requires all pilots and air traffic controllers to speak at least ICAO English Level 4 .

If you are a commercial pilot or candidate, Aviation English Center aims to provide you with the best performance you need in the ICAO English exam to achieve an ICAO Level 4 score or above, by designing a special program covering the following topics:

1- Pronunciation
2- Structure
3- Vocabulary
4- Fluency
5- Listening and Comprehension
6- Interaction

In addition to the grammatical structures and vocabulary necessary for Aviation English, instructors reinforce students’ listening and speaking skills through various case studies, radio telephone (radio) conversations, and many written / visual materials they have developed from the ICAO exams.


Make sure your English is adequate before entering the cabin crew interviews. Those who want to pursue a career in airlines should improve their English. Most of the candidates who apply to airlines cannot pass the interviews just because their English communication skills are not sufficient. Don’t make the mistake they made!


As Aviation English Center, we help you reach your targeted English level and pass all airline interviews. By making the necessary determinations to improve yourself and your English, we aim to take you one step forward in airline interviews with plenty of practice along with an intensive study program. Interview English Program for Cabin Crew Candidates, It covers the entire interview process from the beginning of your job application to what you need to do during the interview. The program will teach you a variety of strategies to help you succeed.

Program Benefits

At the end of the program, you will be able to:
• describe yourself and your career in English with confidence.
• recognize your weakness’ and strengths.
• understand the importance of an interview from the employer’s point of view.
• answer questions about your CV and cover letter.
• cope with the difficult questions posed to you during the airline interviews.
• use your body language more effectively and learn how to identify yourself in an airline interview.
• receive ideas and advice from expert English teachers.
• know your current level of English and learn what you can do to improve it before the interview.


Interview English for Cabin Crew Candidates program consists of one-to-one lessons with professional English teachers. This program focuses on improving your performance, self-confidence and preparation to answer difficult questions in the interview.


According to the SHT-66L-HS Instruction issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on 28.04.2014, it is mandatory that aircraft maintenance personnel working in approved maintenance organizations must be able to read, understand, write and speak English.

Aviation English Center is the first and only institution authorized by the DGCA as a language proficiency exam center to conduct the professional English exams of aircraft maintenance personnel. Detailed information about the exam system can be found on our website or by contacting our institution.

Aviation English Center aims to give you the best performance you need in order to reach the standards specified by DGCA. AEC has developed “English Program for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel” with its expert staff.

We share all our knowledge and experience with our expert training staff in order to ensure success by following your English development continuously.

Our Technician English trainings are given only within the scope of Corporate Training. There is no one-to-one tutor in English for Technician.

English Language Course For Airport Ground Services Personnel

Just like all personnel working in the aviation sector, as a representative of the corporation, which constantly communicates with people from different cultures and operates in the sector, ground services personnel must have a good level of English.

In order to reach international standards, airline companies put emphasis on good English during employee selection.

Aviation English Center offers English courses for candidates working in ground services.

More opportunities to communicate with confidence …

The skills you gain in our Aviation English program will enable you to interact more fluently and comprehensively with English-speaking people around the world, increase your self-confidence and this make your daily life easier.

Through this program you will be able to:
• • Strengthen your communication skills in English,
• • Improve your listening and speaking practice,
• • Be more confident at the time of speaking,
• • Gain cultural awareness and sensitivity,
• • Speak English fluently and accurately.


Having a general English language degree

No medical approval is required for this course.

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