Level 4 Exam

The test is dedicated to pilots and traffic controllers approved by the Aviation Organization to evaluate and determine the level of language skills and the ability of volunteers to communicate properly with each other in English. This test is held in accordance with ICAO regulations and as follows.
This test is completely oral and contains no written test. It takes approximately 30 minutes, each test is evaluated by an English language expert or pilot or air traffic controller with operational experience and will be recorded for safety and security reasons. Test results will immediately clear. There is no specific material that must be prepared or shipped prior to the test.
Based on the ICAO grading scale, this test can grant all grades 1 through 6.
If the candidate reaches level 1, 2 or 3, he / she will be rejected and re-tested. There is not any time limitation to apply for the exam again. Failures to achieve Level 4 will not negative affect for new exam.
If a candidate reaches Level 4, he or she will have 4 years of English language proficiency license while at Level 5, he / she will receive license for 6 years.
Level 6 holders will receive certification permanently.
Generally, the test questions consist of two parts of listening and talking randomly to be selected by the system.

In this part of the exam, general questions related to aviation background, personal experience and training of the candidate are asked by the Examiner. The candidate is expected to provide information and quick answers to these questions.

In this section the candidate must listen to the audio recordings related to routine or non-routine operational aviation issues that they may hear during the operation, such as ATC communications which are played twice, and after questions are asked about the audios they have heard in the given time.

In this section, candidates are shown aviation themed photographs which are prepared in accordance with their sector. Firstly, the candidate describes the photograph which the examiner showed. Subsequently, the candidate answers the questions asked by the examiner about the photograph. The Examiner asks the candidate at least two questions related to the photograph, which will enable the candidate to give a longer explanation.


1- Having a general English language degree

2- Passed a pilot language course


No medical approval is required for this course.

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