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Aviation English Center (AEC)


An educational institution designed to teach English effectively and permanently, especially for aviation staff.
The institute offers all courses in piloting and cabin crew , dispatch, maintenance and ground services.
There are formal and distance education facilities at the institute and the most appropriate training is provided exclusively to aviation staff.
In addition to the grammatical structure and vocabulary required by the aviation industry, the AEC learners’ ability to listen and speak to a variety of exemplary events, radio band, telephone
And it raises many things like that.


AYJET Anatolian Stars Flight Training Organization is an aviation school, which has been established by a select group of captain pilots with long years of experience in both the Turkish Air Force and airline companies. AYJET exclusively differs from its competitors, as AYJET’s flight instructors have integrated their Air Force and airline experience.

From Private Pilot Licenses (PPL) to Airline Transportation Pilot Licenses (ATPL-Frozen), AYJET has the authority to give flight training at any level.

With its experienced, knowledgeable and specialized staff, AYJET not only complies with flight training standards, but also improves the standards and implementations which have been set by national and international aviation authorities. This allows AYJET to increase its quality of training.

AYJET conducts its theoretical training in a contemporary atmosphere by using original and qualified training documents. AYJET has a fleet of 19 aircrafts and 3 flight simulators one of them simulate two different aircraft, conveniently located at Hezarfen Airport, making it an appropriate training environment away from Istanbul’s congested air traffic.

Flight Safety is paramount at AYJET. With an outstanding safety record, AYJET envisions on maintaining its zero accident program. Flight records and maintenance of aircraft are carried out with precision. The Quality Management Department based within AYJET ensures flight safety by performing internal audits for training and maintenance activities, and by keeping relevant company documents up-to-date.

Pilots, who have graduated from AYJET, are selected by airline companies due to their outstanding knowledge and flight skills. Furthermore, positive feedback received by these airline companies continues to inspire and make the AYJET team proud.

Regarding your needs of flight training, whether renewing or converting pilot licenses, AYJET will be your personal consultant and solution.